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A109M Light ultipurpose Helicopter

A109M Light ultipurpose HelicopterThe A109M light, twin-engine multipurpose helicopter has been developed by AgustaWestland in Italy. The A109M is a aggressive adaptation of the A109 Ability ancestors of civilian helicopters, which are accessible in VIP/corporate, EMS emergency casework and law administration versions. Around 300 A109 Ability helicopters accept been ordered back the model's access into account in 1996.

The A109M appearance top engine ability with FADEC (Full Authority Electronic Control) management, blended rotor arch and blades, avant-garde avionics and cockpit integration. The helicopter is operated by a aggregation of one or two. The berth can be adapted with a individual or two stretcher accession for blow evacuation. The best amount of seats on lath is eight.

The Al09M's low beating and top adherence characteristics accommodate an belvedere for ambition apprehension and ambition tracking which maximises the capability of the aerial antitank system. The helicopter can be adapted with the Helitow anti-tank missile arrangement which has two TOW missile launchers with two or four missiles anniversary launcher.

The Systems & Electronics (formerly ESCO) Helitow anti-tank missile arrangement can acquire, clue and defeat anchored or affective armoured targets during day and night.

The accession of the Helitow arrangement rapidly converts the account helicopter to anti-armour mission configuration. The launchers can backpack TOW, ITOW, TOW2 and TOW2A missiles.

The helicopter can backpack externally: 2.75in or 81mm rocket pods with seven or 12 tubes; a rocket apparatus gun pod (RMP) with three 70mm rockets and a 12.7mm apparatus gun with 200 rounds; apparatus gun pods with a 12.7mm apparatus gun with 250 circuit of ammunition.

The centralized ammunition of the helicopter comprises a pintle army 7.62mm apparatus gun and a aperture gunner column for a 12.7mm accepted purpose apparatus gun.